Nora McNeill, RN, LM, provides comprehensive midwifery services that include prenatal care and education, labor and birthing care and follow up postpartum visits for 6 weeks.

Nora DOES accept clients who are low risk and wanting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

This service is not available anywhere in the North State. Anyone wanting a hospital VBAC has to go to Sacramento or San Francisco.  She is also experienced in waterbirth deliveries and can provide that option if the client is interested.

A free consultation appointment is scheduled with each potential client.  This visit allows families to meet Nora, hear about her services and get answers to questions.

Once a decision is made to initiate prenatal care, the first prenatal appointment is scheduled.  This is a 90-minute visit that includes education regarding prenatal nutrition and physical activities.

This appointment also includes a routine prenatal exam:

  • weight measurement
  • urine testing
  • blood pressure
  • uterine measurement
  • listening to the baby’s heartbeat
  • prenatal blood and urine tests are ordered through a laboratory

Prenatal visits are scheduled every 4 weeks and each includes a routine prenatal exam.

These visits also provide time for clients to get to know Nora and for them to receive needed emotional support and information about their progressing pregnancy.

At 30 weeks, prenatal visits are scheduled every 2 weeks and at 36 weeks they are scheduled weekly until the baby arrives.

When active labor is established, Nora will be present throughout the labor and birthing process.  Following the birth, she remains with the mother and baby until they are stabilized.  This time varies from one birth to another.

Mother and baby are seen at 48 hours after the birth, at 2 weeks and at 6 weeks. Additional appointments are scheduled, if needed, for breastfeeding support or other issues.