Upcoming Activities:

New Client Class Wednesday, September 9 , 6pm

Included in Nora’s service fee:
Exercise classes Taught by Leah McNeill

  • Fit Circuit: Tuesday,Thursday 12:15pm & 12:25pm (both days)
  • More classes will resume in the fall so please check back or call.
    –If you have questions about the workouts, call Leah directly at (530) 917-2933. She can also give you exercise tips for home exercise routines, if these class schedules here do not work for you.


Childbirth Classes
Grace Doula’s Childbirth Education Classes

Carol Lee Abbott can  be reached at (530) 224-9024. Call for class scheduling.


Breast Feeding Classes

Taught by Judy Cassidy, RN IBCLC
Call (530) 515-9332 for class scheduling.



La Leche League

Now meeting at our office 2nd Tuesday of each month 10am-noon at the center. This meeting offers expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers support,  the latest breastfeeding information, a lending library (with books on breastfeeding, childbirth, parenting and nutrition). The Redding La Leche League Leader telephone help referral lines are: Kim 530-549-4675 and Jula 530-221-4720.

New: Baby Wearing Fitness

Taught by Sharon Howland on Mondays and Wednesdays 10am. Call  530-921-1316 for more information.

Great News!

AIM program now accepted by We Deliver!


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    A free consultation appointment is scheduled with each potential client.  This visit allows families to meet Nora, hear about her services and get answers to questions.